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About Us

We are the premier suppliers of timber flooring Canberra ACT and surrounds. In addition, we carry a range of approximately 80 species of cabinet timbers. In addition we have more than twenty species of flooring timber as well as a range of timber decking always in stock.
Catering for both Professional as well as Hobbyists, we can supply all your timber needs. Be it bowl turning blanks, specialist woodworking timbers (e.g. fiddlebacks) structural hardwoods or engineered timbers, we supply them all. We specialise in timbers for decks and floors. For more about the species carried click here bullet.

Workshop services

Our workshop services range from from basic timber dressing to producing skirtings and architraves all the way through to constructing complex furniture items.  We fabricate a wide range of of timber countertops and step treads in woods selected to suit your decor.  For more information click here bullet.

Advisory service

Advice is freely given on timber flooring as well as other timber and design issues.  We can advise you on the specifics of each species of timber as it relates to your project.  We recommend and have in stock a range of top grade adhesives, abrasives and oils that we have found through experience work with the specific timber you have chosen.

Delivery Service

We offer a delivery service customised to meet your specific needs, we can arrange delivery Australia wide.

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