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Bespoke Table

Photo Gallery - Recent Monaro Project a Bespoke Table:

A little while ago we were asked to construct a most unusual table made to the client's original design. The table was crafted from Timber is Rock Maple with a Jarrah inlay around the edge. It is quite a large table with the dimensions of the top being 3.4m long by 2.0m wide and 42mm thick. Bloody Big!! The top was finished in Organoil Hardburnishing oil and it was mounted mounted on a custom made stainless steel base. It finished up taking five people to deliver and manoeuvre it into position. 


rock maple top selected
The rock maple boards for the top are selected and glued.

scraping the rejoin
Scraping the rejoin.

the first curved step
Jig sawing the edge to the rough outline of the template.
the second curved step
Routing the rough edge to smooth from the template and to prepare the edge for the Jarrah beading.
gluing the jarrah edge
Gluing and clamping the solid Jarrah edge to the prepared Maple top.
sawing the opening into the top
Jig Sawing the central hole into the top after the Jarrah beading has been attached.
routing the central opening
Routing the central opening into the top.
the rough finished table top
This is the rough finished table top before finishing with Organoil.
the completed table
The stainless steel base needed to be pretty substantial.
the completed table
The finished table top finished in Organoil hard burnishing oil.
the completed table
The table in place.
At Monaro timber we do not just make componentry as we use fully skilled cabinetmakers a undertake a range of wood cabinetry tasks from initial preparation to the completed tasks.

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