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Timber Decking overlooking Lake Burley Griffin 

Photo Gallery - Timber Decking:

The main picture above shows the restaurant at Regatta Point.  It’s called “The Deck” and we supplied it a few years back.  It’s a mixed red decking.

The pictures below show  a product called Klevaklip.  I wrote about it in a recent newsletter. Read about it here.  The first few images are of a job being done on a private residence in Canberra using Klevaklips. The requirement was to have the decking at 45 degrees to the house.  To achieve this the joists needed to be at 45 degrees to the walls as using Klevaklips the decking must intersect the joists at 90 degrees.  The hard working builder on this job was Vince from Hot Chippies. 
Decking timbers also work well as privacy screens as can be seen in the final picture.
All of the decking timber used on these jobs was provided by Monaro Timber.

Klevaklip, on angled joists, going up a ramp!

Setting the the decking using the  Klevaklips.

ironbark flooring and spotted gum nosing

Vince from Hot Chippies is a bit camera shy!


beech wall fins

Detail of the Klevaklips in use

ironbark flooring and spotted gum nosing

Just a bit of end trimming to do


beech wall fins

Screening on “the Deck”, Regatta Point.

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