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American White Oak 

(Quercus spp.)


A common medium sized hardwood from Nth America.  The heartwood is a pale yellow brown with paler sapwood.  Oak has a prominent medullary ray.


Works well either by hand or machine.


Excellent cabinet timber and the species for wine vats.  Imparts the “oaky” flavour.  Oak is also available as flooring.


Most sizes up to 300 x 50


Janka 6.0 750kg/m3 Fairly hard (See Note 1)


Not ideal for outdoor use

At a Glance
Turning:   Good
Machining:   Very Good
Bending:   Very Good for steam bending
Sanding:   Very Good
Nailing/Screwing:   Good
Glueing:   Very Good
Timber Coating:   Accepts most coatings and stains
Oil:   Yes takes oil very well
Note 1   Use only non-ferrous metal in contact with Oak to avoid black staining
Note 2  

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