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(Acacia melanoxylon)


A medium sized hardwood that grows in Victoria, southern NSW and Tasmania. Most of the commercially available timber now comes from Tasmania. Heartwood is a golden brown but often has streaks of darker colour and can also have a red tone. Produces a prized fiddleback.


Blackwood can vary quite a bit in workability. The hard boards machine very well but the lighter softer boards can tear and be ??fluffy”. It can spring when ripped. Blackwood sands well and although it can sometimes be a bit difficult, it is well worth the effort.


Furniture, woodturning, general wooden items and flooring. Fiddleback boards are sought after by musical instrument makers. Blackwood is one of Australia’s best bending timbers and can be cold bent or steamed.


Generally readily available though due to the nature of the tree boards longer than 3.6m are rarer. Sometimes available as slabs and 100 x 100 for posts etc. Blackwood is readily available as veneered board on a range of substrates


Janka 5.9 640kg/m3 Not particularly hard.


Not for outdoor use.

At a Glance
Turning:   Excellent
Machining:   Generally very good
Bending:   Excellent
Sanding:   Excellent
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent
Glueing:   Excellent
Timber Coatings:   Accepts most finishes very well
Oil:   Fantastic with an oil finish.
Notes:  1   A highly sought after cabinet timber
Notes:  2  

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