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Camphor Laurel

(Cinnamomum camphora)


A large hardwood native to China, Japan and Sth East Asia but now found in coastal NSW. The sapwood has many colours ranging from almost white to dark browns and reds. Grain is very interlocked.


Works fairly well but may require sanding to remove torn grain.


Has moth repellent properties so is good for blanket boxes.  Commonly used for turning and slab type furniture. 


A lot of material on the market is not very dry.  Commonly cut by mobile sawmillers, not all of whom are familiar with proper processing techniques and moisture metres!  Should be cheaper than it is due to the fact it is a weed in Australia and the raw material costs nothing.


 500Kg/m3 Not very hard.


Not very durable.

At a Glance
Turning:   Excellent
Machining:   Very Good
Bending:   Poor
Sanding:   Good.
Nailing/Screwing:   Good.
Glueing:   Oily, take care.
Timber Coating:   Accepts most.
Oil:   Oils very well.
Note 1   An excellent timber for turning.  We usually stock bowl blanks.
Note 2  

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