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(Eucalytpus marginata)


A large hardwood from Western Australia with a deep red heartwood and pale yellow sapwood. It has an even, coarse texture and occasional fiddleback figure. Jarrah weighs in around 820kg/m3 making it a lighter “heavy” hardwood.


Works very well with both machine and hand tools. Often produces dust rather than shavings, especially with dull tools. The fiddleback figure can create some problems though jarrah sands very well


Traditionally used for railway sleepers and poles though now it is a prized furniture timber. It is readily available as flooring though seldom seen as a decking due to economics. ( see Karri ) It has good durability so can be used as out door furniture.


We stock most sizes in 25, 38 and 50mm, sometimes up to 300 x 50. Occasionally available in 75 x 75 and 100 x 100. Flooring is available in 80 x 19 and 130 x 19. Veneer boards are also readily available.


Janka 8.5 Density 820 kg/m3


Reasonably durable both in and above ground. Heartwood resistant to termites.

At a Glance
Turning:   Turns well
Machining:   Pretty Good but interlocking grain can be a problem
Bending:   Not fantastic but will bend if pushed though may snap like a carrot.
Sanding:   Sands well.
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent
Glueing:   Glues well with most adhesives.
Timber Coatings:   Accepts most coatings very well.
Oil:   Oils well though can be hungry and require an extra coat.
Notes:  1   Excellent all round timber.
Notes:  2  

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