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Merbau (Kwila)

(Intsia bijuga)


A large hardwood which grows across south east Asia, the Solomon Islands and far north QLD.


Timber works well though is often supplied green for the structural market. Pre drilling can be a good idea when nailing.


Mostly decking and outdoor structures. We have been sourcing some KD material for benchtops and furniture.


Generally good in decking and green boards. Limited in KD and 88 x 88 laminated for posts.


Janka 8.6 850kg / m3 fairly hard


Very durable above ground

At a Glance
Turning:   Good
Machining:   Good
Bending:   Good.
Sanding:   Can clog paper
Nailing/Screwing:   Pre drill
Glueing:   Difficult.  Use our polyurethane for best results.
Timber Coatings:   Can be a problem due to high moisture and natural oils.
Oil:   Best option for finishing.  Use Organoil Woodguard on green timber.
Notes:  1   Mostly structural uses. Also makes great outdoor furniture.
Notes:  2  

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