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New Guinea Rosewood

(Pterocarpus indicus)


A medium sized hardwood that grows across south east Asia. The heartwood varies from a lovely rich golden brown through to a rich deep red. The figure in this timber can be quite extraordinary with swirls, fiddleback, burr and more.


Excellent. Although the grain can be a bit cranky it machines extremely well. It is also very stable so tends to behave when sawn down to smaller boards. Rosewood routs and sands very well and takes any kind of finish you want to put on it.


A timber of choice for widow and door manufacture in Queensland. Our office window and door is made of Rosewood. It can be used for all kinds of fine furniture and wooden items. Excellent for turnery.


Most sizes up to 75mm thick. Longer than 3.3m is a problem and generally not available. Moderately priced so represents overall excellent value..


Janka 4.7 650kg/m3 A softer hardwood.


Moderately durable above ground

At a Glance
Turning:   Excellent.
Machining:   Excellent.
Bending:   Not too good. It can be brittle
Sanding:   Excellent.
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent.
Glueing:   Excellent..
Timber Coatings:   Takes most types.
Oil:   Excellent.
Notes:  1   A great all round cabinet timber that is very easy to work.
Notes:  2  

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