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Qld Maple

(Flindersia brayleyana.)


A large hardwood from Nth Qld. Heartwood is a pale pink brown. Grain is slightly course and often has a fiddleback figure.


Works very well by hand or machine. Sands easily and polishes with any finish.


Restricted now mainly to fine furniture but was once used for all sorts of general joinery work. The frame work for the Speakers Chair in the Australian Parliament uses this timber.


Limited but we usually have some stock.


580kg/m3. Not very hard.


At a Glance
Turning:   Very Good
Machining:   Very Good
Bending:   Poor
Sanding:   Very Good
Nailing/Screwing:   Very Good
Glueing:   Very Good.
Timber Coating:   Excellent
Oil:   Oils very well
Note 1   Worth trying easy to work.
Note 2  

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