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Radiata Pine

Radiata Pine

(Pinus radiata.)


A medium to large conifer that is grown extensively in plantations in Australia and other countries. Sapwood is very pale and the heartwood is a pinkish brown.


Machines well but the knots can be problematic, blowing out sometimes. Sharp tools are required for joinery as instead of cutting cleanly the timber can bunch up or fold over with dull tools.


Used for almost everything in Australia.


At some timber yards this is all you will find. At Monaro Timber you won’t find much at all. We prefer to offer superior alternatives.


Janka 2.1 400Kg/m3 Not particularly hard.


Not for outdoor use unless treated

At a Glance
Turning:   Easy
Machining:   Easy
Bending:   Average
Sanding:   Excellent
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent
Glueing:   Excellent
Timber Coating:   Accepts most finishes very well.
Oil:   Oils OK but probably better to coat with lacquer.
Note 1   The timber of choice for those who haven't tried much else.
Pretty cheap but can be sourced in clear boards at a higher price.
Note 2  

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