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(Entandrophragma cylindricum.)


The heartwood from this African timber is a medium dark red brown. A very stripy figure is shown on quarter sawn boards and the timber often has a very decorative fiddleback figure.


Sapele works well with most tools though can pick out a bit when machined. Glues well and accepts most finishes.


An excellent cabinet timber. .


We don’t always stock it though can source quantity reasonable easily. Wide boards are not uncommon..


620kg/m3 Not particularly hard.


Moderately durable.

At a Glance
Turning:   Excellent
Machining:   Generally very good.
Bending:   Average.
Sanding:   Excellent.
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent.
Glueing:   Excellent.
Timber Coating:   Accepts most finishes very well.
Oil:   Oils very well
Note 1   An excellent cabinet timber.  Excellent veneers available. .
Note 2  

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