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Silvertop Ash

Eucalyptus sieberi


A large hardwood from southern NSW, eastern Victoria and NE Tasmania. The heartwood is a pale brown to red, often with interlocked grain. Commonly shows gum vein, pin hole borer and pencil streak.


This is a tough timber but machines well and will work by hand with sharp tools. Routs and sands well but is inclined to splinter.


Traditionally green sawn building timber but is now available as a kiln dried product, especially F27 structural hardwood, flooring and decking.


Readily available.


Janka 9.5   700kg/m3.


Durable above ground.

At a Glance
Turning:   Fair
Machining:   Good
Bending:   Can't say
Sanding:   Good
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent
Glueing:   Use our polyurethane.
Timber Coating:   Accepts most coatings
Oil:   Brilliant
Note 1   As a floor board this is hard to beat.  The poor man's Blackwood!
Note 2  

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