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Spotted Gum

(Corymbia maculata and critriodora)


This is a large hardwood that grows along the coast from Victoria through to northern QLD. The maculata grows in the southern areas and the citriodora, or Lemon Scented Spotted Gum, grows further north. The heartwood ranges from light yellow greens through to mid browns and wild figure and fiddleback is common.    See our May 2005 Newsletter.


Spotted Gum is a tough timber with greasy, interlocked grain. It is a real challenge but well worth the effort because the results can be astounding. It is very difficult to glue so careful joint preparation is essential.


Once only used for heavy construction it can now be found as flooring, decking and fine furniture. Because of its phenomenal strength, very small sections can be used without breaking. This opens up lots of design possibilities. This timber also bends very well.


Generally available in a range of sizes including F27 structural hardwood. We also stock flooring and decking


Janka 11 950kg/m3 Super tough, wears very well as a floor or deck.


Good durability when sapwood is treated

At a Glance
Turning:   Turns well
Machining:   Tough often requires some sanding
Bending:   Excellent
Sanding:   Sands well
Nailing/Screwing:   Pre drill
Glueing:   Use our 501 polyurethane for best results
Timber coatings:   Accepts most finishes quite well
Oil:   Fantastic
Notes:  1   Hard work but great results.

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