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Sydney Blue Gum

(Eucalyptus saligna)


A large hardwood that grows from Batemans bay in NSW into southern Queensland. The heartwood is a medium dark pink though with younger regrowth now available the colour is getting lighter. Gum veins are common as are the occasional knots. The grain is usually straight though can be wavy and exhibit some great fiddleback.

blue gum showing fiddleback grain


This is a hard timber and that makes it more difficult to work. Tools need to be well tuned and sharp. The timber routs well but the long fibres will sometimes splinter out. Blue Gum polishes very well to produce a most attractive finish.


It was once mainly used for heavy construction and flooring but its potential for very fine, super strong furniture is being realised. We regularly make bench tops in Blue Gum and supply for kitchen cupboard doors. It can be used for a wide range of woodwork projects


Generally readily available though we do have short supply droughts. Big end sections are a problem but we do occasionally carry 300 x 50mm boards. Flooring is available in select and standard grades in 80 and 130mm wide boards. Available in veneer board.


Janka 9.0  Density 850kg/m3.  This is a heavy hardwood.


Moderately durable although best above ground and well oiled.

At a Glance

Turning:   Tough but finishes well
Machining:   Hard but machines fairly well.  Fiddlebacks will pick out a bit.
Bending:   Bends well
Sanding:   Sands well
Nailing/Screwing:   Pre drill
Glueing:   Use our 501 Polyurethane for best results
Timber Coatings:   Takes most coatings very well
Oil:   Oils beautifully.
Notes:   1   A tough timber that is well worth the effort.

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