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Vic Ash and Tas Oak

Various sp inc (Eucalyptus.regnans, E.viminalis, E.obliqua, E.delegtensis)


This group of species grows in Tasmania, Victoria and southern NSW. The worlds tallest hardwood, at 98m, is a regnans in Tasmania. The timber varies in colour from a pale straw to warm soft browns and light pinks. The grain is usually very straight because most boards are quarter sawn.


These timbers all machine very well. As medium weight hardwoods none of this group presents any real working problems. The timbers are generally very stable so can be ripped with confidence. Shaping, sanding and staining are all straight forward operations.


Due to the excellent working properties these timbers are widely used for furniture. They are also very cost effective so make a great choice for the inexperienced woodworker. We sell tonnes of Tas Oak flooring in 85, 108 and 133mm cover, in both 19 and 13mm thicknesses. We also stock structural F17 for lintels etc.


Readily available in most sizes up to 200mm and occasionally wider. We also carry some laminated boards up to 285mm wide. These are popular species for kitchen tops and this group makes an excellent choice for a woodworkers bench.


Janka 4.9 680kg/m3 Moderately hard.


Not suitable for outdoor use unless fully painted.

At a Glance
Turning:   Good for between centres or segmented bowls.
Machining:   Excellent.
Bending:   Steam bends well.
Sanding:   Excellent.
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent.
Glueing:   Excellent with all types of glue.
Timber Coatings:   Accepts most stains and coatings very well.
Oil:   Oils very well.
Notes:  1   A great all rounder.
Notes:  2  

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