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Western Red Cedar 

Thuja plicata


The largest North American cedar. Heartwood varies from pale yellow to a dark brown and can do so over a two hundred millimetre length! Very prominent growth rings and usually straight grained.


Easy to Work.


Commonly used for window and door joinery.


Readily available. We have boards up to 250 x 100 but they are not fully dry.


Janka 1.5   380kg/m3.  This is nearly as soft as it gets.



At a Glance
Turning:   Good
Machining:   Excellent
Bending:   Good
Sanding:   Easy to sand but the dust can be very irritating.
Nailing/Screwing:   Excellent
Glueing:   Excellent
Timber Coating:   Can leach a yellow colouring which can stain paintwork.
Oil:   Excellent
Note 1   Excellent for external joinery but it won't take the hard knocks.
Note 2  

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