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Yellow Stringybark

(Eucalyptus muellerana)


A medium to large hardwood that grows in southern NSW and eastern Victoria. The heartwood is a yellow brown with a paler sapwood. Gum vein and bug holes are a common feature of most Stringybarks.


It machines well to produce excellent flooring. Best glued with our 501 polyurethane but will hang on with other adhesives.


Once mainly used for heavy construction and wood chips, we now have available a limited quantity of furniture boards, heaps of flooring, decking and F27 kiln dried structural hardwood. Fantastic for outdoor structures such as pergolas and decks. Great for matching hand rails and step treads.


DAR KD hardwood up to 290 x 45. Also green sawn hardwood, cut to order. Plenty of flooring and decking.


Janka 8.5 850kg/m3.


Durable above ground

At a Glance
Turning:   Fair.
Machining:   Good.
Bending:   Not suitable.
Sanding:   Good.
Nailing/Screwing:   Pre drill.
Glueing:   Use our 501 polyurethane.
Timber Coatings:   Accepts most coatings and stains.
Oil:   Excellent results with oil.
Notes:  1   This timber needs further exploration. We had promising results with our outdoor furniture range
Notes:  2  

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