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Tech Talk or Timber Tips and Tricks:

This section of our website is devoted to supplying information and answers to technical questions.  In the sub-navigation index at the left is a wealth of miscellaneous information on products we use and recommend. Techniques and hints and tips for working with timber and getting the best from it.   From time to time ideas alter and techniques change so come back to this page to get the latest information.

Alternatively, if you find a technique that you think is is better than the one we recommend here please let us know by filling in the attached form at the bottom of this page.  If we use your idea we will gladly acknowledge your contribution to improving our site. 

Would you like to contribute?

We want our site to remain responsive to changes in techniques. If you have a tip or feel that one of our recommendations may no longer be appropriate, please let us know in the box below.   We ask for your phone number so that if necessary we can contact you to clearly understand the issues before we update  our recommendations.

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