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Current Flooring Timber Species Stocked

At Monaro Timber we stock one of the most extensive range of solid timber flooring in Canberra. As a strong supporter of our home grown products most of our range comes from Australian sawmills, though we do offer some imported products. Timber flooring is generally available in two grades. Select is a very “clean” product that exhibits all of the natural colour and grain variation with limited feature such as gum vein and bug holes.

If you want more character, then standard grade or natural feature grade is for you. These grades are generally cheaper too. We can offer a full feature grade in some species. The most common size is 80mm wide by 19mm thick, but a number of other widths and thicknesses are available.

Timber flooring can be laid over bearers and joists, particle board flooring, existing timber and concrete. We work with a number of reputable floor layers and value the opportunity to be involved with your project. For current pricing and availability please contact our office. If you prefer you can provide us with details of your project by using our Flooring Form

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Australian Flooring Timbers

Click on our logo to the right of the Common Name of any timber species to see its details.

Common Name Botanical Name
BLACKBUTT Eucalyptus pilularis
BLACKWOOD Acacia melanoxylon
BLUE GUM Eucalyptus saligna
BRUSH BOX Tristania conferta
CELERY TOP PINE Phyllocladus rhomboidalls
CYPRESS PINE Callitris glauca
GREY GUM Eucalyptus propinqua
GREY BOX Eucalyptus microcarpa
IRONBARK Eucalyptus paniculata
JARRAH Eucalyptus marginata
MYRTLE Nothofagus cunninghamii
RED GUM Eucalyptus camaldulensis
RED MAHOGANY Eucalyptus resinifera
RED STRINGY BARK Eucalyptus macrorhyncha
ROSE GUM Eucalyptus grandis
SHE OAK Casuarina torulosa
SILVERTOP ASH Eucalyptus sieberi
SPOTTED GUM Corymbia maculata
TALLOW WOOD Eucalyptus microcorys
TURPENTINE Syncarpia flomulifera
VIC ASH/TAS OAK Various Species
YELLOW STRINGY BARK Eucalyptus mullerana

Imported Flooring Timbers

Common Name Botanical Name
AMERICAN OAK Quercus - various sub species
ROCK MAPLE Acer saccharum

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