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Welcome to the timber pages of our website. We specialise in the supply of around eighty species of timber from Australia and all over the world. Most of our range is available in sizes suitable for furniture manufacture, but we also stock an extensive range of flooring and decking. The links below will take you to information pages about our timbers. There you will see a photograph along with details about weight, density, general uses and other useful information.  Although we don’t have data sheets for all species we are working towards this end. If you need specific information about sizes, availability, suitability or pricing please feel free to either email or call us.
Please be aware that timber is a natural product and variation between boards within a species is absolutely normal. The photographs show but a single example and are a guide only. Timber will exhibit many characteristics and these can be affected by the way the board is cut from a log, the age of the tree, insect attack, soil type and many other factors. It’s the variance which makes timber such a fantastic medium with which to work and a challenge all in one!
Please enjoy these pages.
Click on our logo to the right of the Common Name of any timber species to see its details.

Australian Timbers

 Common Name       Botanical Name
TasmaniaBLACKWOOD bulletAcacia melanoxylon
CELERY TOP PINE bulletPhyllocladus rhomboidalls
 LEATHERWOOD bulletEucryphia lucida
 MYRTLE bulletNothofagus cunninghamii
 OAK Various Species
VictoriaBLACKWOOD Acacia melanoxylon
SATIN BOX Phebalium squameum
MOUNTAIN ASH Various Species
RED GUM Eucalyptus camaldulensis
New South WalesBLACKBUTT Eucalyptus pilularis
CAMPHOR LAUREL Cinnamomum camphora
COACHWOOD Ceratopetalum apetalem
RED IRONBARK Eucalyptus crebra
RED STRINGYBARK Eucalyptus macrorhyncha
ROSE GUM Eucalyptus grandis
SPOTTED GUM Corymbia  maculata
SYDNEY BLUE GUM Eucalyptus saligna
YELLOW STRINGYBARK Eucalyptus muellerana
QueenslandBLACK BEAN Castanospermum australe
 BRUSH BOX Tristania conferta
CYPRESS PINE Callitris glauca
HOOP PINE Aracuaria cunninghamii
MAPLE Flindersia brayleyana
 QLD. WALNUT Endiandra palmerstonii
SILKY OAK Cardwellia sublimis
SILVER ASH Flindersia bourjotiana
WHITE BEECH Gmelina leichhardtii
Western AustraliaJARRAH Eucalyptus marginata
KARRI Eucalyptus diversicolor

Imported Timbers

 Common Name Botanical Name
Europe DANISH BEECH Fagus sylvatica
 RED BALTIC PINE Pinus sylvestris
AfricaANEGRE Aningeria spp.
BUBINGA Guibourtia demeusil
 DANTA Nesogordonia papaverifera
IROKO Chlorphora excelsa
SAPELE Entandrophragma cylindricum
ZEBRANO Micoberlinia brazzavillensis
New Zealand RADIATA PINE Pinus radiata
South AmericaLIGNUM VITAE  Guaiacum officinale
SOUTHERN MYRTLE Narrofagus alpina
  PURPLE HEART Peltogyne
North America BIRDS EYE MAPLE Acer saccharum
BLACK WALNUT Juglans nigra
  CHERRY Prunis serotina.
HICKORY Carya spp
 OREGON Pseudotsuga menziesii
 ROCK MAPLE Acer saccharum
WHITE ASH Fraxinus ameracana
WHITE OAK Quercus alba
Pacific IslandsAKWA
 Pometia pinnata
 &   AsiaCHINESE ASH  Fraxinus spp.
  FIJI MAHOGANY Swietenia macrophylla
 JELUTONG Dyera costulata
 KAURI Agathis dammara
NEW GUINEA ROSEWOOD Pterocarpus indicus
  SURIAN Toona australis

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