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Veneered boards

These consist of a substrate with a real timber veneer on each face. While we love our solid timber at Monaro Timber sometimes a veneer is more appropriate. With veneers you don’t have to worry about timber movement, you can have a greater degree of consistency with colour and grain patterns, construction methods can be simplified and the price per square metre is usually less. Most projects that use veneer usually involve some solid too and we can do both. The most readily available veneer option is a 17mm medium density fibreboard (MDF). Veneered boards are usually 1200mm wide by 2400mm long.  We can also supply other substrates such as plywood and particle board in a range of thicknesses.

 In many cases boards based on other substrates will need to be laid up and takes approximately two weeks. If the veneers are available, we can have longer sheets made too. Feel free to contact our office for the current options and pricing.   Oops, nearly forgot. We can also supply raw MDF, plywood and particle board.
Veneered boards are generally available in 4mm, 7mm, 10mm, 13mm, 17mm, 19mm, 26mm, and 33mm thicknesses.  Please contact us to confirm price and availability.

Click on the Common Name of any species with our logo beside it to see the timber details.    
Species transparent Botanical Name
AMERICAN OAK bullet Quercus alba
AMERICAN CHERRY bullet Prunis serotina
AMERICAN WALNUT bullet Juglans nigra
ANAGRE CROWN/QUARTER bullet Aningeria spp.
ANAGRE FIGURED bullet Aningeria spp.
BALTIC PINE bullet Pinus sylvestris
BEECH CROWN/QUARTER bullet Fagus sylvatica
BLACKBEAN bullet Castanospermum australe
BLACKWOOD bullet Acacia melanoxylon
BRUSH BOX bullet Tristania conferta
CYPRESS KNOTTY PINE bullet Callitris glauca
HOOP PINE bullet Aracuaria cunninghamii
JARRAH bullet Eucalyptus marginata
KAURI PINE bullet Agathis dammara
MURRAY RIVER RED GUM bullet Eucalyptus camaldulensis
MYRTLE bullet Nothofagus cunninghamii
OREGON bullet Pseudotsuga menziesii
QLD. MAPLE bullet Flindersia brayleyana
QLD. WALNUT bullet Endiandra palmerstonii
RADIATA PINE bullet Pinus radiata
ROCK MAPLE bullet Acer saccharum
SAPELE bullet Entandrophragma cylindricum
SILKY OAK bullet Cardwellia sublimis
SILVER ASH bullet Flindersia bourjotiana
SYDNEY BLUE GUM bullet Eucalyptus saligna
TAS OAK CROWN/QUARTER bullet Various Species
TAS ASH bullet Various Species
TAS OAK bullet Various Species
WESTERN RED CEDAR bullet Thuja Plicata
QLD RED CEDAR bullet Toona Australis
NEW GUINEA ROSEWOOD bullet Pterocarpus indicus




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